We provide a free plan to help OA.Report achieve our mission, and a premium plan to enable us to sustain our work and do work that can't be done for free for everyone.


  • Insights about your institution’s output

  • Strategies to increase your institution’s openness

  • Access to metadata (in CSV and JSON formats)

  • Occasional updates to data (approximately 4 times a year)


All premium plans include:

Daily data updates

Daily updates to open data, and weekly or as possible updates to custom and manually collected data.

Branded report

A custom URL for your report

Quality assurance

Best efforts at quality assurance, with corrections when possible to issues flagged by users.

Priority support

Priority support with questions be acknowledged and, when possible, addressed over email within 24 hours during weekdays. Support over calls will be considered as requested.

Zero configuration

We'll setup your report to include the required data, analyze your policy, and provide you actions to take.

In-depth analytics

We'll provide deeper analysis, including:

  • Analysis of your publishing output including where you're publishing, on what subjects, and who is funding the work.

  • Open Access analysis providing information on if, when, where, and how papers are Open Access.

  • How many citations your works are receiving


Pick and choose which makes sense for you:

Custom data ingests

Custom article discovery utilizing custom searches of open data, ingesting of internal data when possible, and manually collected data when possible.

Grant ID and grant program analysis

Grant ID & program analysis to collect and clean Grant ID data, and then enable articles and analysis to be segmented by programs at the foundation.

Open Access policy compliance analysis

OA policy compliance analysis providing a true/false assessment of compliance on a paper-by-paper basis and for papers as a whole.

Data availability statement analysis

Collection of data availability statements to find out how many papers have data availability statements

Open Data analysis

Open data analysis to discover data associated with articles and assess its openness.

Open Code analysis

Open code analysis to discover code associated with articles and assess its openness.

Custom strategies

Customized strategies for increasing openness. Customizations can include email text, changes to which articles are targeted, and where possible new action types.

Custom insights

Customized analysis of your data to help answer questions that matter to you.


Your price depends on your institution's size, means, and what upgrades you want.

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