Data sources

OA.reports builds on open data like OpenAlex, Crossref, and ShareYourPaper. In our premium plans, we can ingest the institution's internal data, and collect our own to help power more insights and strategies.

Open scholarly metadata sources

Thanks to all these services for sharing open data we can build off:

Institution's data

We clean & ingest data from a wide variety of institution-specific sources, including:

  • Grant reporting systems

  • Grant databases

  • Compliance tracking systems

  • Financial systems

  • APC invoices

  • Publisher payment dashboards

Data we collect

We collect data that isn't readily available elsewhere, including:

  • Grant IDs

  • Acknowledgement sections

  • Corresponding author's email addresses

  • Data availability statements

  • Data & code licences

  • Submitted/accepted dates

  • Article type (e.g review, correspondence, etc)


We do direct integrations with some services when they're not well included in open scholarly metadata sources, including:

  • Figshare

  • OA Switchboard

  • Dataseer

  • Github

  • OSF

  • Dataverse

  • Bing

  • bioRxiv & medRxiv

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